Android-Apps programmieren - 3rd edition

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This book gives you a practical introduction to Android app programming with Java. You will learn everything that is important for professional app development: from the basic building blocks of an app to layout creation with XML and the use of databases.

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Professionelle App-Entwicklung mit Android Studio 4

The book guides you through the entire app development process using a consistent practical example and shows you how to use Android Studio effectively. You will learn step by step how to process data and store it in a database with Room, program apps with multiple screen pages, display dialogs, query permissions, work with background processes, integrate Internet services and much more.

Finally, the author explains how to test your app and publish it in the Google Play Store and on your own website. In addition, he shows you various options for monetization.

Basic knowledge in object-oriented programming, ideally with Java, as well as in dealing with XML is assumed.

From content:

  • Basics of app programming
  • Android Studio installation
  • Project creation
  • Layouts with XML
  • Navigation
  • Database with SQLite and Room
  • Dialogs
  • Background processing
  • Permissions
  • Layout binding
  • Unit testing
  • App publishing